Patenting The Expanding Strike Zone.

Watching the AL & NL League championship series provokes repeated outbursts, where I yell at the big-screen, “no way that was a strike!”  My favorite {least} is the low and outside, called strike, followed with the “caught the outside corner” comment.  Rarely, if ever, will a pitch at the top of the strike zone, but that far outside, be called a strike.  As a result, the strike zone is not a box, but must be shaped more like a lava lamp – narrow at the top, widening out at the bottom.

“As is well known, there is established a three-dimensional strike zone 12 through which the ball must pass or intersect in order to be called a “strike”. Otherwise, any ball thrown so it is out of the strike zone is called a “ball”. ” U.S. Patent No. 4,545,576.

Is there any reason to not mount cameras above the plate, that show the outer edges of the strike zone?  Couldn’t the batters’ uniforms have a reflective dot or thread that a side view camera can spot, and by that means, indicate whether a pitch was in or out of the strike zone?  By light-beams or moon-beams or lasers or masers, mapping software — whatever, can’t the widening eye of the umpire be replaced with electro-mechanico-computo- means for detecting the glide path of a moving sphere, relative to a polygonal area?

The ” “strike zone” is an imaginary area that is located above the home plate” however, any “pitch that does not pass through a portion of the strike zone and is not swung at by the batter is called a “ball”. ”  U.S. Patent No. 5,401,016 (noting “a great deal of variation in the way different human umpires call balls and strikes…[some] use a so-called “small” strike zone …[other] umpires use a so-called “large” strike zone, or call pitches very erratically. “).

After I shout at the TV, sending housepets a-scrambling, I watch the super-slo-mo, showing the ball (and I do mean the “ball”) as it passes the batter and plate, then Fox puts up that grid that supposedly shows the location of the pitched “ball.”  That FoxCam pitch locator looks about as accurate as a mood ring from the carnival.  The slo-mo camera will show the pitch up at the shoulder, then the FoxCam will put it inside the grid.  So, again, I’m provoked to shout at the tube, “we wuz robbed!”