Precedential Law Is a Richly Woven Quilt of Shared Experience – Obviously!

I’ve established an award to recognize the obscure, and the erudite, represented in the “Other Authorities” cited to aid the Supreme Court, in deciding how obviousness should be assessed, in KSR v. Teleflex

I called it the Mildmay Fane Commemoration, in honor of an obscure 17th Century poet and patron, whose poesy includes:

That which creates a happy life
Is substance left, not gained by strife,
A fertile and a thankful mold,
A chimney always free from cold;
Never to be the client, or
But seldom times the counselor.

From among the KSR briefs now available to me, here are the finalists:

Progress & Freedom Foundation’s cite to:
-Poundstone, The Prisoner’s Dilemma.

Economists & History Professors’ cite to:
-Darwin, Discovering The Tree of Life.

AARP’s cite to:
-Drug Coverage & Drug Purchases by Medicare Beneficiaries with Hypertension.

Time Warner & Viacom cites to:
-the Apple iPod
-Mister Peabody

Ford Motor and Daimler Chrysler citing:
-Henry Ford, History of the Rogue.

General Motors, Time Warner & Hallmark Cards remark that:
-“Einstein’s relativity as a paradigm shift from classical Newtonian mechanics.”

AIPLA cites to:
-Milton, Paradise Lost
-Book Of Ecclesiastes

 By tomorrow, I should have seen the rest of the offerings of the “Other Authorities” and will pick our winner.  Natch, the Commemoration is “freely” awarded.