Lawyering on the Tube – Studio 60.

Perhaps someone could indexed the performance and portrayal of lawyers on TV shows weekly.  There is similar index for how vile each week of TV was, compared to other weeks and years.

Last night’s episode of Studio 60, which continued a story from last week, portrayed a California attorney trying to represent a cast member in a small town in Nevada.  The attorney makes many missteps, and his crim pro I arguments are contrived or scenes a faire from lawyer shows.  Then, as the cast member is about to face judgment, a studio executive shouts “I too am a lawyer,” tries to intervene, and is cuffed and charged with contempt.  Then, when the cast member asks about the attorney they had brought to represent him, the executive shouts “he’s a copyright attorney.”  And the accused says, ‘oh, good!’

On the index (yet to be named or compiled) this episode portrays lawyers, and copyright lawyers in a bad (but not necessarily, false) light, and so, brings poor repute to the IP bar.  What’s next, Shatner in women’s skivvies on “Boston Legal”?