R.I.P. – Ross Zirkle

At death, an artist’s life is canonized by the art he has entrusted to the living.  It is saddening to hear that artist and professor, Ross Zirkle succumbed to cancer. 

History, law, religion, royalty, and common citizens all celebrate art, and so too, they revere the artist, who opens windows for us with their creative eye and inspired hand.  Their works, having been, as the law states “fixed in any tangible medium of expression,” enliven objects and domains, both observed and imagined by them, with the artist’s metaphysic.  When the artist dies, that metaphysic, that viewpoint, continues unchanged, and the windows that they have opened remain so. 

The enrichment, inspiration and instruction of this teacher and artist too remain with those who shared some time on this artist’s path through life.  R.I.P.