Speaking Purely in Markman-esque Terms.

Continuing with passages clipped from Markman rulings, review these:

“Therefore, the Court defines ‘tongue’ as ‘a protrusion extending distally from a side spaced inwardly from the top and bottom surfaces.'”
Alloc, Inc. v. Unilin Decor, (E.D. Wis. 3/8/2007).
-Quare: Does this cover speaking from only one side of your mouth?

“…regarding construction of ‘said sealing portion being sufficiently soft to seal against an air flow tube, to form a radial seal against the air flow tube and cylindrical inner support’ …the Court concludes that the claim language has a meaning readily understood by one of skill in the art and does not require construction.”
Donaldson Co., Inc. v. Baldwin Filters, Inc., (D. Minn. 3/8/2007).
-Axiom: Plain is as plain does.