Another Spin of the Markman Word Selector.

Things ever get knotted up, issues get entwined and need to be untwisted?  Call in a federal judge to perform a reading, as in LG Elec. v. Whirlpool, (D.N.J. 04/02/2007).  “With respect to the term ‘a twist of clothes,’ however, the Court agrees with Whirlpool that the term should be construed to mean ‘clothes …entwined together.’”  Next, the phrase “clothes untwisting mode” may mean either steps “to unbundle,” or “for separating” clothes, which are quite different to persons skilled in the laundering arts.  To divine the correct meaning, everything that an assembly of lawyers, experts and a federal judge, all making the big bucks, can intrinsically or extrinsically think to say, is put in one tub and the result rinsed out.  “The Court will therefore construe the term ‘executing a clothes untwisting mode’ to mean ‘carrying our an operation for separating clothes that are entwined together.’”  How many quarters had to be spent to get this load untwisted.