How to Put the Jinx on Today.

The blawgerific reports found here provoke numerous comments to be sent in, or do they?  Daily, about a dozen spam solicitations come into the comment box.  In honor of this dreizehn Frietag, here are some of the things offered.  Presumably clicking thorough to any one of them will work a hardship on my network appliance.

There are offers for Russian calling cards and Dobermans (do I need these?), for home appliance insurance and water trampolines (I can’t use these).  Some perhaps come from loyal, but odd, readers of this blawg, “I post naked.”  Then, there are those that either offer the obscure or the salacious, such as Ethiopian eunuch, chest freezer or garter bells {sic}.  And, those are all that I will admit to writing down before I deleted them.  The point is, comments are welcome, if germane.