Does this mean it works -what works?

Consider the news that the ITC barred further import of cellphones with a Qualcomm chip, which infringes a Broadcom patent on power management.  This injunction follows the widely-debated restraint on VOIP service offered by Vonage.

Half the people express a belief that these rulings mean that the patent system and the courts are “broken.”  The other half believe that such injunctions against technology found to infringe a duly-granted patent mean that the system works.  The linear route that begins with invention, and works from there through patenting, promoting, noticing infringement, suing and obtaining preliminary relief against infringement is, either, the way things should be, or is way not the way.

What’s your opinion?  If more patent holders win in court, then does that mean the system works, or that it’s broken?  Stated alternatively, if more patent owners lose their patents, what does that indicate, a system that works, or one that is failing?