Postscript at Closure.

This IP blog took to cyberspace in August, two years ago.  Now, after 150 posts and 350,000 visits by readers, I’m closing it down.  I’ll still read every CAFC case, and take in most every IP case that I can find {thanks PACER}.  My conclusion, though, is that the ‘space’ occupied by IP blawgers is overcrowded and filled with repetition.  While I haven’t found a blog like mine, there are a bunch that are more widely read.

My thought to close down was sped forward when I got an offer to teach an IP 2.0 law class at my alma mater.  The effort I’ve put into reading and writing about IP on this blawg will be better devoted to teaching. 

The thought I had at the beginning of this blawging experience was ‘why would anyone find what I think of interest, especially when I’m ripping into the CAFC.’  Never got that one answered.  Still, there’d be 20,000 visits per month, which I too never figured out.

It’s been fun, and it is fun, but better to stop before it’s not fun.  Thanks, thanks, thanks to everyone who read my blawg, to all those who sent me comments, and to anyone who cares about the somewhat sad state of affairs concerning the acquisition, value and protection of patents.