Still Trying to Make the Grade.

As the mid-point of 2009 approaches, I hope to get re-grounded in that somewhat worthwhile pursuit of blawging.  As the year began, I had the pleasure of being the guest blawgger on  Doesn’t look like anyone picked up that gig after I left it.  Next, I served at the pleasure of my alma mater as an adjunct professor of IP law.  That too was a most worthwhile pursuit, but I should wait until I turn in my grades before calling it a wrap.

What then?  Sure, I’ll get back to posting about the latest cases, even though it’s my sneaking suspicion that the CAFC judges are not taking heed of my insights.

The patent landscape seems to be going from greened-up to a whiter shade of desolation.  Without the Patent Act being revised, decisions and protections will hinge on the ‘yet to be set contours’ of the Festo, KSR, and Bilski rulings.  Having a branch of government, other than the legislative, exercising the power to “promote the Progress of Science and the Useful Arts by securing” IP rights to America’s “Authors and Inventors,” is not what the framers had planned.

It just what we blawgers do.