CAFC Could Be Cited As Authority In Rocket Clemens Defense.

Showing their every-widening expertise in everything from IP to HGH to Latinisms, the Federal Circuit has reversed 2-1 a decision over the firing of a federal correctional officer, who had tested positive for steroids after losing his bout in a Ultimate Fighting Championship event UFC 75 in London.

Anthony Torres used what sounds like the same defense employed by The Rocket, and other [alleged] sports-roiders – that ‘I didn’t know what the trainer injected in me.’  Torres filed a grievance over being fired by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, and the CAFC reversed the arbitrator’s decision.  Torres v. DOJ, (Fed. Cir. 8/10/2009).  The CAFC decided that to have been fired for “illegal conduct,” it would have to be proved that Torres knew he’d been injected with illegal drugs.   As it is with hair color and tan tones, ‘only his trainer knows for sure’ what was injected.