Remember When You First Heard “Kick Out The Jams!”

Hey Forever 21 got sued, again, for copyright infringement – and it’s not over clothing design.
It is alleged in a L.A. Federal Court complaint that F21 made and sold clothing bearing a copyrighted photo of the [to some, legendary] rock band, the MC-5. Said photo, exhibit A to said complaint, was on the F21 garment “H81Rock-N-Roll Studded Top.” That’s rock and roll with a capitol N, and in caps MC-5 (Motor City 5).

Well-known rock icon photographer, Robert Matheu, intends to kick the jams out of that F21, H81 “Studded Top.” His photo, taken in the ‘summer of `69’ was not attached to the PACER copy, but it’s likely this photo on his website, Matheu’s suit filing nearly coincides with the passing of another legend of Detroit hard rock, Ron Asheton of the Stooges. The filing is 2:2010cv0214-CAS (C.D. Cal.).  Rock on Ron.