About Lee Thomason

My favorite comment to clients is that “in a typical case,”  but then, “I’ve never had a typical case.” 
After 25 years litigating complex commercial cases, e.g, patent, environmental, antitrust, all that I can say for sure is that “I’m still practicing.”  Despite volumes of precedent and statutory law, outcomes are no more predictable.  Still, when I sit in the courtroom, hearing the witnesses, viewing the evidence, and appraising what’s in the eye of the Judge or the jurors, I get a strong and clear feeling of what conclusion the case is heading toward.  If your ship must travel a straight course, through still water, then any mate can handle that.  If however, rough water or unexpected difficulties may be encountered, then you are better served with a captain who has completed many such voyages before.

It’s another beautiful day at the office, if you too find an issue of IP to be of mutual interest, you can send me a comment.

The views that I author on this blawg are solely of personal or academic interest, and none should be attributed to, or considered endorsed by any person or any firm with which I have a business or personal relationship.

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